Our Affiliate Partners

UNYAGH works closely with the national United Nations Association-Ghana and other affiliate UN agencies and government institutions and other civil society organizations, philanthropies, universities and relevant companies that share in our mission and vision.

YALI TV is the premier television platform showcasing inspiring and informative stories of Young Africans across the continent and beyond. The initiative would also develop media content that is best in value-based leadership to stream online via social media and on selected television channels across Africa.

iYES is a Christian based global initiative, a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Ghana, dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth of young people around the world. Through proprietary programmes, revival summits, events, seminars and practical opportunities.
iYES strives to:

Advance the drive of young Christian’s to be daring enough to achieve their dreams.
Develop leadership skills that are applied on a global level.
To serve as a Christian based network system to help and support the youth in their field of pursuit. www.iyouthsummit.com / 0572540490 /0546679940 

Registered on 16th February and renamed in 2019, LAMACONSULT FOUNDATION is committed to forging strategic collaborations to promote peace and progress of humanity and to implement its human centered policies as well as the United Nations agenda 2030 and other resolutions, including those of the Africa Union, Commonwealth, ECOWAS and allied bodies.

MISSION STATEMENT: Established in 1994 and renamed in 2019, the foundation is committed to forging strategic collaborations to promote Universal Peace, Good Governance, Human Rights and Progress for Humanity through education and advocacy and to make peace interventions and implement human oriented policies including humanitarian services. It also aims at implementing the United Nations Agenda 2030 and other resolutions including 2250 and the peace, education and human development policies of the Global Peace Mission, Alfred Nobel University, The Commonwealth of Nations / Commonwealth University, ECOWAS, Africa Union and it’s Agenda 2063 Goals, Mission Africa Inc., CUFI and accelerate the Pan African agenda.


Greenway International is a Youth-Driven Environmental Protection Organization providing alternative solutions to single-use plastic and planting carbon-sucking trees for socio-economic development and reducing climate crisis.

Advocacy & Media Support Foundation (AMSF) is a registered not-for-profit organization based in Ghana. We are committed to promoting good governance, particularly at the local level to increase citizens’ participation, citizen-government engagement and responsive governance.

We also collaborative and support government agencies and Civil Society Organizations to undertake advocacy initiatives through our media and IT services. Our partners are the National Association of Local Government Authorities (NALAG) and United Nations Youth Association-Ghana. 
We seek partnership with NGOs that need IT-solutions in the area of membership data management, publicity, website development, public engagement, video documentary, Website development and management. 
 We are located in Tema. Contact us on 0206007255, amsfghana@gmail.com or visit www.amsf-gh.com
The Film Crew Association of Ghana ( FICAG) was founded in Ghana 2010 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of film making and bringing all Film Crew together to Develop, Protect and Promote our profession as film makers — a mission that continues today.
FICAG’s objective is to build a collaborative environment for audiovisual Crew members to share ideas and techniques, to improve their craft and promote their works and the arts of filmmaking in general. FICAG is duly acknowledged by the newly established National Film Authority  and is well represented on its board. 
FICAG has over 500 members across 7 out of the 16 regions in Ghana and is working tirelessly to get the association represented in the remaining 11. With creative innovations and activities, FICAG continuously pursue to attain the dream of a creatively skilled and well to-do film crew members in Ghana. 
FICAG, Power Behind the Scenes!!!
 For more info: www.ficaghana.com
Global Youth Empowerment Centre is a social initiative focused on creating the biggest social community of youth across the globe. This community seeks to change the focus of the youth indulgence on cod islands media and other platforms which tend distract their attention to a platform where they can be mentored, coached, receive entrepreneurial grooming, career guidance , job placement , leadership training ,etc.
This network is geared towards making young individuals innovative and resourceful where ever they find themselves.
Website: www.gloyec.com
0247301977 / 0508541388


Mcjude Empire and Move Multimedia have embarked on a restoration and preservation of African Culture, History and Heritage among children and young adults through a show known as THE TEEN SHOW, intended to air on television as a series .

The companies’ main objective is to make History and the learning of our culture and values fun for the youth.

As Africans, we are identified by our culture, land and History, they are our heritage. We have values that bind us, such values are oral storytelling, (by the fireside), proverbs, songs, music, dance and arts. Read More..