United Nations Youth Association - Ghana
Peace and Sustainable Development

Our Vision

A United Nations that is a powerful force in leveraging global challenges with innovative solutions and equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission

We are committed to building a better world by advocating, strengthening and mobilising support for salient United Nations resolutions, programs and projects by leveraging global citizenship education, engagements and empowerments of young people to achieve sustainable peace and development locally and globally.

What We Believe

We believe that people especially the youth everywhere must be actively involved, consistent and committed to people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership at both local and global levels of decision making towards boosting the achievement of the United Nations goals.

The United Nations Youth Association – Ghana

The United Nations Youth Association-Ghana (UNYA-GH) was established in 2011 with mandate to advocate and build the capacities of the youth of Ghana about the UN resolutions, programmes and initiatives as well as promoting their rights, responsibilities and aspirations for universal sustainable peace and development. 

UNYA-GH is mainly funded through donor grants, member dues, donations and sponsorship from organizations.

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