COVID-19; Preventive Plan for members of United Nations Youth Association -Ghana

Dear members,

As the news continues to circulate about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the first cases
being reported in Ghana at the moment, we want to assure you that we are paying close
attention to any updates from the CDC and World Health Organization.
We are critically monitoring the climate within Hope City Church and our local communities.

United Nations Youth Association- Ghana ( UNYA-GH) is offering policies and communications about how our members and the general public can keep safe.

These are the safety protocols we encourage you to strictly observe at this time.

1. Please wash your hands frequently for about 20 seconds.

2. Use hand sanitizer after washing hands and let your hands air dry for 10 seconds.

3. Cough and sneeze in your elbows.

4. Please avoid touching your face or touching others unnecessarily.

5. No hugging, no high-fives, no handshakes, but we encourage continued warm social
interaction by waving and smiling.

6. If you have flu-like symptoms or you feel unwell, please stay home until you feel well

UNYA-GH is taking active measures to protect our members including the

● Comprehensive cleaning of our office and meeting places.

● Hand soap/sanitizer are available to use.

● Creating more space between chairs in our venue.

● Wash your hands frequently and follow the above protocol.

● Please do stay home if you have mild symptoms (fever, dry cough, fatigue, short of
breath or sore throat) and follow the government’s advice to self-isolate for 14 days
and please also stay home if you have recently travelled to countries identified as
having widespread or sustained community transmission by CDC (signified as “Level 3”
or “Level 2” by CDC).

As COVID-19 continues to be part of our daily conversations, we know that people will be
talking about it too.

In the coming weeks we will update and educate our members to understand what is
happening and how they can help one another.

At this time, UNYA-GH events and projects remain running unless or until
directed otherwise.

Each member is encouraged to make their own decision about attending UNYA-GH events . The wellbeing of our members and their families is a top priority!

Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues, and are happy to hear
from you on additional ways we can keep ourselves safe and healthy!

We appreciate everyone’s
understanding and support as we all move through this experience together.

We believe fear or anxiety should not be entertained; rather, we should all stay positive
and take precautions.

God is our ultimate protector. We
continue to pray that this will pass very soon.

Thank you for your attention.

Hon. Lilian Sally Addo
Country Head

Credit: HCC